Mutts Without Matts trailer

Servicing the Yarra Valley since 2001.

Mutts Without Matts of Woori Yallock,is a locally based & independently owned mobile dog wash, that has been servicing the Yarra Valley since 2001. All dog washes are done with fresh warm water using natural shampoo and conditioners. The price of full body clips for small dogs start at $50.00 incluing nail clipping. Washes start at $30.00 (blow dry) and $20.00 (towel dry). Ear cleaning is optional. Most jobs are done within 24 - 48 hours depending on location and workload. I service the following arears: Coldstream, Gruyere, Hoddles Creek, Launching Place, Healesville, Mount Evelyn, Monbulk, Millgrove, Seville, Seville East, Silvan, Yarra Glen, Yarra Junction, Yellingbo, Warburton, Wesburn, Woori Yallock and Wandin.


Q. How often should I clip my dog?
A. Depends on the breed. A small/medium fluffy dog will need a clip between 3-4 months.

Q. Should I get my dog clipped in winter?
A. Yes if the dog is becoming matted or has knotted matty fur, this will get worse when it becomes wet which can lead to scratching and biting of the skin.

Q. Can I get a longer clip in the cold weather?
A. Yes, if the coat can be brushed out. A comb attachment on the blade can be used to increase the coat length. A tidy up ie: clip feet/eyes/groin/anal area is an alternative to a full clip.

Q. My dog is quite matted, why does the clip have to be so short?
A. To manually break up the matts is quite stressful for the dog and time consuming. It is usually not an option. You can't clip through matted fur. They can become caught between the blade or comb teeth which could result in cutting the skin. You have to clip under them with a short blade. Regular brushing will prevent the coat getting into this condition.

Q. Do I get bitten often?
A. Nervous dogs or those not accustomed to regular grooming may occasionally bite at the equipment and not necessarily me. Throughout the grooming session I constantly talk to the dog, praising them where appropriate in order to gain their trust. If they become comfortable they are less likely to want to bite.

Q. Can I be present during grooming?
A. While it doesn't bother me, I find a dog will wriggle about more and become very excitable. Owners also tend to praise their dog at the wrong time which just reinforces any bad behaviour.

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